Is Sensory Art for Adults?

Is Sensory Art for Adults?

A Blog by Alex Lancaster-Lennox

We all know how hard it gets these days to find time for yourself. With work, university, children and other commitments, finding the time to sit down and relax is not a priority, even though it is so important.

It is essential to find time to take you away from the digital world to engage with something much more simple.

Sensory Activities are the key to utilise the most simple of experiences - our senses!

But, aren’t Sensory Activities for kids?

Although there are so many benefits to sensory activities for young people to aid their cognitive development, as adults there are so many reasons to get involved too! Having hobbies and time to play, even as an adult, are great ways to relieve pressures, keep the inner child alive, and find fulfilment outside of your working day.

Carving out time to do so helps to alleviate the stresses of the day, improving your mental health. You have to agree, spending too much time in front of a screen, and stressing about the problems of the day is not good for you. Like most people, you may be struggling to know what kind of sensory activity you may enjoy.

Often thought of as something for young children, Sensory Art is far more than that. Sensory art is the perfect relaxation technique whether in a social setting or on your own in a quiet moment. The benefits can have an impact on the way the individual lives their life from birth all the way to old age.

With our OKTO range, you can sculpt and smear air dry clay to recreate iconic pieces of art from around the world. The clay feels great in your hands and is the perfect texture to replicate the relaxing elements of other sensory activities.

The beauty of our sensory art sets is that they engage sight, touch, and sound. Mixing the clay together is such a therapeutic and calming experience and the fulfilment at the end of the crafting process is euphoric.


As we have said, you are never too old to play and in fact sensory activities are super useful in older age. For the older generation, there is often a concern with loneliness, illness, physical accessibility and boredom. Sensory activities are a way to combat these struggles in multiple ways.

Primarily, sensory activities are a great form of entertainment. If you are part of this demographic who knows the sensory hobby they enjoy, or if you are someone looking for a new hobby to learn, there are a plethora of new and interesting hobbies that can still cognitively challenge and entertain you.

In addition, in a new study, it was recently shown that on average most people touch 300 different surfaces every half an hour. Someone with a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s Disease, however, could touch as little as three surfaces.

Sensory activities are therefore encouraged, in particular ones involving touch. Partaking in activities with touch can improve a broad spectrum of side effects, such as improving cognitive systems maintaining daily functions and increasing concentration and alertness.

Activities which involve touch are easy to find, however some are not accessible to the older demographic. Impairments such as arthritis and disabilities cause a decrease in dexterity and so it is important to find an activity that can test your brain and ensure you aren’t excluded.

OKTO presents our Sensory Art sets as an inclusive way to enjoy activities and hobbies you used to love but may not be able to engage with anymore. Paint-by-numbers, diamond dots, modelling, and puzzling are mainstays in the hobby world but require accuracy and precision that is not possible anymore for some people.

OKTO combines the skills and results that these hobbies are known for whilst maintaining a level of accessibility that makes it better than other hobbies. You can be all thumbs and fingers and still create a piece of art which recreates an iconic artwork from around the world.

Our flowers and succulent sets also create the perfect gift for someone who may be in need of entertainment and a bit of beauty at a time when life can be boring and depressing. Discover our full range of inclusive and enjoyable sets on our website.


It’s simple, OKTO Sensory Art is a hobby for everyone, no matter your age. Teenagers, adults parents and the older generation can all find a product that tests them cognitively, takes them away from the digital world, and is accessible to them.

Our community is growing and you can be a part of it. Start your journey with OKTO and enjoy Sensory Art.

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