OKTO Inspo: Pac Man and Ghosts

OKTO Inspo: Pac Man and Ghosts

A Blog by Justin Ponti


Have you ever wanted to create your very own Pac Man and Ghosts? With these easy-to-follow steps, you can bring these iconic characters to life using OKTO clay. So, let’s start recreating Pac Man and his ghostly foes! 

What You’ll Need:

- 1x yellow packet of clay
- 3x different coloured packets of your choice (for accuracy, use blue, red, orange, and pink)
- 1x white packet of clay
- 1x black permanent marker

    Creating Pac Man

    1. Pinch a section of the yellow clay 
    2. Roll into a smooth ball 
    3. Cut down the centre of the ball to middle with the OKTO sculpting tool
    4. Push the edges apart to create Pac Man’s open mouth.

        And just like that, you’ve made Pac Man!

        Crafting the Ghosts

        1. Pick one colour of clay!
        2. Roll into a ball 
        3. Form into a pill-shaped cylinder 
        4. Press one end onto a flat surface, like your table, to create a flat side.
        5. Crimp the edge of the flat side of the ghost, modelling around your finger, to give it the characteristic ghostly sheet look!
        6. Roll two white balls and flatten them to create the eyes. (For even eyes, divide one piece of clay into two equal parts before rolling)
        7. Finish by dotting the eyes with a black marker to complete your ghosts!

              Now it’s time to admire your ghoulish ghost!

              Finishing Touches! Making Pac Man’s Pellets

              1. For Pac Man's pellets, roll tiny balls out of the white clay.
              2. Roll a slightly larger ball than the regular pellets, to create the power pellet.

                  And there you have it! Your Pac-Man and Ghosts are ready to decorate your room or add to your collection. If you want to dive deeper into the step-by-step tutorial, please watch this video. Happy crafting!

                  Learn more about Sensory Art here.

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