Why Sensory Art is Great for Kids

Why Sensory Art is Great for Kids

A Blog by Alex Lancaster-Lennox

Children need to engage in different activities from a young age to help them understand the world around them. At this point in a person’s life, cognitive development is happening at a rapid rate. Therefore as a parent, it is essential to have different activities which allow your child to experiment with different sounds, textures, smells, and tastes. These are known as Sensory Activities.

Sensory activities pose a variety of benefits which can be beneficial for a child's development.

- Developing language skills
- Helping fine motor skills
- Boosting cognitive development
- Teaching calming and soothing techniques

Learning skills like this are beneficial for all young people and can be particularly important for children who are neurodivergent such as those with autism. The benefits of sensory play are often discussed by academics such as Fowler in 2006. He explained how sensory activities can help individuals learn to process day-to-day tasks.

In addition, Fowler says that sensory play teaches a child to self-soothe when they can become overstimulated and overwhelmed. It is important to note that each child will have their own personal way of engaging with sensory activities.

Therefore, parents should test and provide different versions of sensory play such as calming bottles, finger painting, slime, or sand. The latest way to engage with our senses is Sensory Art. Whilst typical art and craft activities or paintings only involve one sense, Sensory art engages children on a multi-sensory level.

Haven’t heard of Sensory Art before? Check out our blog on the growing popularity and origins of Sensory Art.

At OKTO, we know that each child is different, and so we have a variety of different products which can be adapted and personalised for every need. We want children to find their own way to unwind and improve their sensory development using OKTO.

Our Colouring by Numbers Clay Sets, are perfect for children to develop their language skills and their fine motor skills and each kit comes with a different level of intricacy. We combine the creative elements of finger painting with the sensory enjoyment of slime and sand. Our air dry clay is fun for all.

Furthermore, the easy to understand instructions and videos mean that the kits are accessible so that everyone can feel the benefits of sensory art.

For children whose imagination can’t be restricted to a canvas, we have modelling sets filled with super soft clay. These sets help to boost cognitive development as the modeller can test their imagination and creative thinking. In addition, these sets only act as a guide and so a child has access to between 18 and 36 colours of clay that can allow them to play freely.

Find our full range of sets on our website. Our kits have a variety of difficulties which promote creativity and individuality so all children are included in the OKTO community. Sensory activities also do not have to be done alone, we encourage workshops and parties which can involve sensory play.

So, if you are looking for something for your child to do to either entertain them during the school holidays, take them away from their screens or help their cognitive development look to Sensory Arts. Similar to other forms of Sensory play, OKTO helps to keep more than one sense engaged, providing many benefits in a simple way!

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