Feel the ocean's rhythm with our Sensory Art Creative Set: Big Wave in Kanagawa. Glide your fingertips across the canvas, conjuring waves that rise and fall beneath a breathtaking peach-white sky. This evocative scene captures the essence of Japan's dynamic landscape, inviting you to savour its beauty.

With a palette of rich blues and crisp whites, recreate the majesty of the sea, while the tools allow you to add texture and depth, from the frothy foam of cresting waves to the serene silhouette of Mount Fuji on the horizon. Embrace the tranquility of stone against the backdrop of turbulent waters, each touch captured in the pliable materials of this set.

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Product details:

  • Size 40cm x 30cm
  • Age 12+
  • Creativity time 2 hours approx
  • Difficulty level 4/5
  • Drying time 6 - 24 hours depending on room humidity
  • Clean and mess-free

Set contents

All tools and materials to create your masterpiece as well as an instruction guide and a QR code for a video with step-by-step instructions.

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