What is Sensory Art?

What is Sensory Art?

A Blog by Alex Lancaster-Lennox

Have you ever gone to an art gallery and wanted to touch the paintings and sculptures?

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and wanted to experience the piece more than just visually?

Say hello to Sensory Art.


The sensory art definition is artwork that transcends the visual experience by enjoying art where every sense is engaged. The artistic movement subverts what it means to enjoy creativity. Whereas classic artwork appeals to the eye, Sensory Art doesn’t only show you a finished image, the medium allows you to immerse yourself in the process.


Although it is not a new idea, this phenomenon has been gaining momentum since the late 20th Century. In fact, you have probably already immersed yourself in this experience without even knowing. The so-called “Sensory Turn” by scholars can be seen in museums and art exhibitions today.


Whether it be sound, sight, smell, taste or touch, sensory activities pose so many benefits, but most importantly it is a great way in our digital world to enjoy something more tangible.

This joyful way of experiencing creativity helps those overwhelmed with the constant information from electronic devices to relax. Going to a gallery and experiencing artwork is a great way to unwind and focus on some of the primitive ways to experience life, our senses.

Although experiencing someone else’s artwork is enjoyable, many have become inspired to create their own through sensory play activities. It has become a popular activity for those wanting to express their creativity through a multi-sensory experience.

Sensory Art can include, building, colouring, or sculpting objects into a piece of art; unlocking different sensory experiences whilst you create. The experience is more personal and therefore the outcomes are endless as each creation is individual.

So next time the pressures of the world get too much, perhaps think about picking up a crafting product and experience all the multi-sensory elements in the comfort of your home.

Learn more about the versatile uses of Sensory Art here.


The beauty of Sensory Art is that it can be enjoyed in any location. From young children to adults there are ways to experience the benefits of Sensory near you. Sensory art activities for preschoolers can involve using paints, air-clays and objects, to make noises, create textures and other techniques. Access to these easily is important for early childhood because there are benefits for young people, in particular those who are neurodivergent. 

For adults, sensory activities are also important and can be accessed easily. Workshops, paint and sip nights, and modelling classes are all great sensory activities to help adults unwind and relax in both independent and social settings.


OKTO was created to provide an accessible and affordable way for people to experience the relaxing and unique benefits of Sensory Art. Our range is perfect for young children starting their journey with sensory play or adults who are looking for new ways to enjoy expressing themselves.

If you are new to the Sensory Art trend, OKTO is the perfect place to start. Our air clay is an enjoyable and soothing way to craft due to the soft clay which feels great in your hands. Touch, squeeze and smear the clay to enjoy all the sensory art benefits. The process involves three out of 5 senses and so is a great way to enter into the multi-dimensional world of sensory arts and crafts.

Explore our full range and start your journey today.

Happy crafting.

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